MBA项目 MBA Program

ISTEC商学院针对的是有实战管理经验的管理人员以及有管理潜质的优秀高校毕业生,通过在ISTEC工商管理 硕士项目中的学习,能系统的表达出自己在工作中的不同视野和独特思想,从而与更多的精英人才进行交流与分 享,最终使自己的管理理念和意识得到更新与升华。

ISTEC Business School is aimed at learning from practical management experiences, through the ISTEC MBA program students can systematically share their work experience with dierent points of view and unique ideas. And thus, they make their own management ideas and awareness to be updated and sublimated thank to elite talent to communicate and share with. 

ISTEC商学院培养目标是传授学员如何进行更深层次的管理方法的学习,通过理论与实践的学习,学员可以不 断产生新的想法,在管理的舞台上更好地施展自己,提升个人在管理领域的价值,成为杰出的企业管理者。

The goal of the ISTEC Business School is to teach students how to awaken a deeper management approach. Through theoretical and practical learning, students can continually generate new ideas and develop a better themselves on the management stage to enhance their personal management value and to become an outstanding business manager.

?项    目:  目前有MBA工商管理硕士   MBA(IM)工商管理硕士(智能制造方向)两个项目

学        制:1.5年



                  学历不满足要求但是管理工作经验丰富的申请人可提供补充材 料申请特许名额

授课形式 Teaching Form



授课地点:国内——ISTEC上海徐汇校区(交大本部)以及移动课堂               国外——海外名校互动教学或海外名企参观考察

Teaching Language: Courses will be taught in Chinese or English, if in English there will be an interpreter. 

Teaching Methods: There will be various methods such as face-to-face instruction,  workshops and other modes; In addition, various activities such as lectures, salons, forums will be held. 

Teaching Location: Domestic——ISTEC Shanghai Xuhui Campus (JiaoTong University Headquarters) and mobile classroom Oversea——Interactive teaching in famous universities or oversea company site visit


核心课程  Core  Course

ISTEC讲堂  ISTEC Lecture:  1)主题讲座  Thematic lecture     2)主题沙龙 Thematic Salon ISTEC      3)公开课  ISTEC Public Class

体验感悟 Experience and Reection : 1)拓展训练 Outdoor Training    2)海外游学 Overseas Study Tour    3)企业参访  Business Site Visit

论文阶段  ISTEC Lecture :1)研究方法  Research Method        2)数据与决策  Data& Decisions    3)论文工作坊   Thesis Workshops    4)论文撰写及答辩   Thesis Writing and Defence

申请材料 Application Materials

报名表(中英文各一份) Application form (Chinese and English version)

身份证复印件   Copy of ID card
最高学历*复印件(在校生提供学习证明) Copy of the highest degree obtained ( students should provide studying certicate )
中英文个人简历 CV (Chinese and English version)
两寸蓝底照片4张  4 copies of 2-inch photos with blue background

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